What makes CRYPTOSPACE different

  • CRYPTOSPACE is the first platform around cryptocurrency world where you’ll have multiple tools for your all needs- payment, trading, financial management, shopping and so one
  • CRYPTOSPACE ensures Central authentication for all CRYPTO projects/tools. No need to login every platform
  • Here the robust blockchain technology ensures customers security and high-speed scalability to make payment
  • CRYPTOSPACE has a special protocols that make it easy to transact and secure/safe for all users
  • Every tool/platform works in realtime and it’s a single page application


CRYPTOSPACE is a one-stop crypto ecosystem that integrates web based applications in a single platform to help anyone benefit from the functionality and global reach of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. For the several types of users involved in the crypto world, there is information and services that would demystify the concept of virtual currencies and increase the adoption by all.

CRYPTOSPACE takes what are currently separate services – bank accounts, online casinos, exchanges, trading, investment and so on – and unifies them into a single “Digital Asset Ecosystem.” It is a comprehensive financial ecosystem service platform. On the CRYPTOSPACE platform, users can seamlessly use products and services with the same account, greatly improving the utility and user experience of transacting and operating with any crypto or fiat currency.

The backbone of the CRYPTOSPACE ecosystem is the functionality, usability and availability of services which would be the major benefit enjoyed by the global crypto community. CRYPTOSPACE would host several channels, forums and media sources to facilitate the exchange of information and simplify it so that users would be able to make profit-making decisions with less work. The transparency and security of funds and personal data add to this, making it mainstream as projected by the blockchain itself.

Our Demo Applications

The CRYPTOSPACE Ecosystem supports a growing number of applications. The key classes of Platform Applications developed by CRYPTOSPACE are listed below -

You can check our platform demo applications by using following credentials -

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Password: letmein


This application is the core of all applications and it ensures central authentication for all CRYPTO applications/tools. That means if you login one application you don’t need to authenticate for others applications. This application has following platforms-

  • Admin Application – to manage users, roles, coins, withdrawal and also to see all users activity e.g deposit history, withdrawal history etc
  • User Application – used as users panel to authentication, deposit, withdrawal, settings, referral etc.

Application Technologies

In CRYPTOSPACE we have used following technologies for backend and frontend-

Application Platform Backend/Language Frontend/UI DB Server
Admin Application Web PHP(Laravel) HTML, CSS, JS MYSQL
User Application Web PHP(Laravel) Javascript (React), SASS MYSQL, Redis(Cache Server)


CRYPTOSPACE has its own cryptocurrency exchange to offer users an unequalled trading experience. This exchange will offer a user-friendly platform that is intuitive and easy to use by first time users and established traders. Users of TRADE CRYPTO will enjoy significantly faster trading than the ones on current major exchanges.

Users can quickly exchange their Coins and other digital currencies utilising a number of trading pairs. The exchange will work like other crypto-exchanges where traders can choose between market, limit or conditional orders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

All currencies (crypto or fiat) available in CRYPTOSPACE wallets will be exchangeable against coin with the exchange fees on the market worldwide. This application also has following platforms-

  • Admin Application – to check users’s buy, sell, stop-limit order, trade history, manage assets etc
  • User Application – real-time trade(buy, sell), conditional trades, stop-limit trades, realtime chart, order book etc

Application Technologies

In TRADE CRYPTO we have used following technologies for backend, frontend

Application Platform Backend/Language Frontend/UI DB Server
Admin Application Web PHP(Laravel) HTML, CSS, JS MYSQL
User Application Web PHP(Laravel) Javascript (React), SASS MYSQL, Redis(Cache Server)


PAY CRYPTO is the payment solution of CRYPTOSPACE. It will allow people to pay and get paid instantly with any currency (crypto or fiat) available in CRYPTOSPACE.

From a merchant’s point of view, PAY CRYPTO Point-of-Sale (POS) plugin integrates with APIs of retailers and businesses, enabling them to charge a customer in cryptocurrency while simultaneously settling payments to the retailer in the desired FIAT currency. It offers an API for instant product buying or selling with the use of crypto currencies. An open API offered by PAY CRYPTO POS to its merchants facilitates the integration of server infrastructure. Retailers can synch their e-commerce stores within our system and maintain their existing payment gateways using our app to offer redemption and receive payments. PAY CRYPTO POS is fully compatible with the latest versions of popular eCommerce platforms – PrestaShop, Magento 1 and 2, OpenCart, WooCommerce, OsCommerce, ZenCart, WHMCS, and VirtueMart. Upon integration, online and retail businesses can accept crypto payments easily and safely with the following benefits:

Creating charges in the home currency of the customer as simply as on any common Credit Card Point-of-Sale.
  • Allowing customers to pay swiftly and safely with any currency – crypto or fiat – through their PAY CRYPTO app.
  • Instant confirmation and settlement of payments in the customer’s home currency.
  • No on-boarding cost.
  • No dedicated hardware required

From a user’s perspective PAY CRYPTO will allow instant, secure and easy transactions in any fiat and cryptocurrency. There could be transaction fees too when sending and receiving money when the sent and requested sum is in the same currency. Users will only have to cover the conversion rate of the exchange, if an exchange takes place

PAY CRYPTO also has following platforms-
  • Admin Application – to check user’s activity, manage wallet, fee etc
  • User Application – make payment(via QR CODE, email), request payment(QR CODE, email), transactions history etc

Application Technologies

In PAY CRYPTO we’ve used following technologies for backend, frontend –

Application Platform Backend/Language Frontend/UI DB Server
Admin Application Web PHP(Laravel) HTML, CSS, JS MYSQL
User Application Web PHP(Laravel) Javascript (React), SASS MYSQL, Redis(Cache Server)

Application Overview

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Technical Overview

CRYPTO system is designed from the ground up to both utilise and work on-top of a proprietary Blockchain that is built on principles borrowed from existing blockchain solutions. Our system also utilises the blockchain in order for transaction ledgers and other components to remain recorded and immutable within the blockchain whereas specific code resides outside of it. Such structure will permits CRYPTO users and merchants and their generated data to be easily put through data segmentation and analysis which will further on de-facto indicate metrics such as useful business health indicators.

To implement a provably fair distribution model, CRYPTOSPACE expands on existing blockchain to build its own blockchain with ample functionality and improved security. CRYPTOSPACE will be blockchain agnostic and integrate multiple cryptocurrencies. We recognize that cryptocurrency adoption must utilize multiple blockchains in order to take off. For this reason CRYPTOSPACE is using financial instruments that will offer stability. CRYPTOSPACE recognized the need for Interoperability and will use inter-blockchain exchanges to transfer between multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies

Referral Program

CRYPTOSPACE will have a referral program that allows users to register and through every investment made by their referrals receive CRYPTO Coins. This increases awareness of CRYPTOSPACE exponentially, therefore assisting the CRYPTOSPACE brand to be more successful.

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